The Bastion Collection

The Bastion Collection is a modern haven of community, creativity & quality.

We are a collection of hospitality concepts - across hotels, residences, boats & restaurants - anchored in a legacy spirit of excellence and in the well-being of our communities.

As of October 2020, we manage 15 unique restaurant & food concepts globally, 1 masterpiece water-front hotel in Geneva (The Woodward), 1 exclusive Paris residence (The Talleyrand Residence), and 2 luxury yachts in the south of France (Arados) and in Greece (Levantine II).

We stand for community. We stand for creativity. And in all that we do, we strive for exceptional-grade quality.

Our Restaurants

Pursuit of Excellence

With 13 restaurant and food concepts in the US and another two opening soon in Europe, Bastion Restaurants is becoming an international player.

Our efforts and commitment to food excellence have been awarded with a total of 4 Michelin stars in the 2020 guide.