Epicurean Excellence

Dedicated to epicurean excellence and innovation, The Bastion Collection restaurants are led by a team of operations leaders and award-winning global culinary experts that have developed concepts in New York, Miami, Houston, and Geneva. 

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L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

L'Atelier pays homage to the esteemed Chef Robuchon, renowned as the "Chef of the Century" with an impressive 32 Michelin Guide stars—the highest ever held by a restaurateur. 

The Bastion Collection operates two Robuchon concepts, in Miami and Geneva.

L'Atelier's name refers to a craftsman’s workshop, emphasizing Chef Robuchon’s hallmark of elevating the simplest of dishes into something extraordinary using pristine ingredients, immaculate technique, and abundant creativity.

  • Miami

    The Only 2-Star Michelin Restaurant in Florida & The Sole 2-Star Robuchon Concept in the U.S.  

    Protégés of Chef Robuchon, including Culinary Director Chef Alain Verzeroli, Executive Pastry Chef Salvatore Martone and Executive Chef James Friedberg, carry on his culinary philosophy in Miami at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon. Located in Miami's Design District, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon Miami opened in August 2019.

    The restaurant’s signature counter seating faces directly into the open kitchen, allowing for a dynamic interaction between chefs and diners, while the modern French menu includes Robuchon’s iconic signature dishes alongside new, ever-changing seasonal creations utilizing ingredients sourced from top local and regional purveyors. 


  • Geneva

    The Only 2-Star Michelin Restaurant in Geneva & The Sole 2-Star Robuchon Concept in Europe

    Nestled within The Woodward Hotel in Geneva, L’Atelier Robuchon, awarded its second start in October 2023, embodies sophistication and refinement. Guided by the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Olivier Jean and Executive Pastry Chef Titouan Claudet, the menus at L’Atelier Robuchon center around the quality of each ingredient and showcase innovative techniques. 

Le Jardinier

"Le Jardinier," French for "The Gardener," is a collaborative culinary experience crafted by the Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzeroli. Rooted in the refined elegance of French culinary technique, Le Jardinier celebrates seasonality with dishes that encapsulate the land’s rich offerings on every plate. 

Le Jardinier draws distinct inspiration from its local destinations, allowing the menu, ingredients, and aesthetic to resonate with the essence of its surroundings. 

  • New York

    Nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Michelin-starred Le Jardinier New York offers a serene escape amid the city’s bustle. The interior, envisioned by the award-winning architect Joseph Dirand, boasts a timeless design resembling a modern and elegant greenhouse.

    Every element, from our seasonal offerings to impeccable NYC fine dining service, comes together to craft a holistic and unforgettable culinary journey. 

  • Miami

    Situated in the vibrant Miami Design District, the Michelin-starred Le Jardinier Miami is a haven where the architectural brilliance of Pierre-Yves Rochon intersects with the area’s modern aesthetic.

    The outdoor patio unfolds as a verdant retreat, while a black marble bar inside offers the quintessential setting for intimate moments & vibrant conversation.

  • Geneva

    Le Jardinier is located in the The Woodward Hotel in Geneva, an opulent lakefront hotel situated on Quai Wilson with panoramic views of the Geneva Harbor and the French Alps.

    A celebration of the outdoors and the striking beauty of Geneva, the Pierre-Yves Rochon designed Le Jardinier is located in the heart of the hotel and features two large verandas attached to the post-Haussmann façade, overlooking the picturesque lake. 

  • Houston

    Le Jardinier Houston is beautifully situated on the west side of the Kinder Building at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, where its floor-to-ceiling windows provide a breathtaking view of the lush and shaded Isamu Noguchi-designed Cullen Sculpture Garden. 

Bar Bastion

Bar Bastion is an opulent cocktail and lounge experience that embodies elegance in its design, as well as its outstanding beverage and culinary programs, crafted by a Michelin starred team. 

  • New York

    Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the highly successful flagship offers a chic, hidden escape designed by award-winning architect Joseph Dirand, with décor that evokes Art Deco glamour through velvet upholstered banquettes, mirrored glass and double-height ceilings.

    The intimate space has become a gathering spot for after-work cocktails, post-dinner indulgences & late dinners served by our award-winning culinary team. 


Sereine brings together synergies of The Bastion Collection, including the culinary talents of a global Michelin-starred team, as well as impeccable design and service into New York’s most elevated event space. 


Tavola is an upscale Italian eatery serving dishes that explore the various regions of Italy in a high-energy, ultra glamorous atmosphere.

  • Houston

    With an ambiance that exudes sophistication and a menu that mirrors its lively setting, Tavola is the epicenter of the Post Oak social scene where guests indulge in an authentic Italian culinary experience led by Chef Luca Di Benedetto.

    Tavola Houston opened in December 2023.

Cafe Leonelli

Cafe Leonelli has a deep respect for Italian culinary tradition, while being inspired to bring something new to the table—something that reflects the nearby community and local ingredients.

By featuring local ingredients that are far from Italy but close to Cafe Leonelli, the menu at Cafe Leonelli location offer a delicious balance of the traditional and the unexpected.


    Located at the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Cafe Leonelli embraces Italy’s culinary culture and generosity to offer traditional Italian cuisine in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Le Comptoir Geneva

Le Comptoir Woodward highlights heritage brands, including Stettler Chocolates and Castrischer Black Forests, as well as a selection of savory dishes and pastries under one roof. 

Stettler & Castrischer

La Maison Stettler, founded in 1947, is an emblematic example of Swiss Chocolate tradition and savoir-faire.

La Maison Castrischer is intact until today. The legendary Foret Noire cake has adorned Sunday tables for generations.

  • Geneva

    Founded in 1947 by Mr. Paul Stettler, the famous Stettler Chocolate Factory has been making high quality traditional chocolates for more than 70 years. Rewarded in 1954 for the quality of its products at the Culinary Art Exhibition in Bern, the Stettler Chocolate Factory has continued to perpetuate tradition and know-how throughout the last decades. Its reputation has spread far beyond Switzerland's borders and has become an indispensable world standard. Its flagship creation is the famous pavé de Genève.